FIM 2017 Retirement Symposium

About Financial Information Month

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Financial Information Month (FIM) is a regional financial, economic, business and entrepreneurial education campaign executed in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU) since 2002. It is a collaborative effort of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB), ECCU member governments, financial and academic institutions, the media, other private and public sector institutions and community based groups. FIM forms part of an ECCU financial and economic education programme coordinated by the ECCB. The programme incorporates a series of initiatives designed to support the attainment of the goal of “a financially developed and vibrant ECCU region that fosters strong and sustainable economic growth and the improved well-being of the citizenry.”

FIM 2017 Theme and Logo

Retirement Planning: Making Your Golden Years Golden

The theme is geared towards sensitising the public on the realities of retirement for current and future generations of retirees and providing information on the actions they need to take now to help ensure a good quality of life during their “golden years”. This message is depicted in the logo which shows human figures of increasing sizes walking along a colourful

pathway that ends with a pot of golden eggs. The human figures convey the message that retirement planning should start from the first day of employment and continue throughout one’s income earning years. The colourful pathway is an artistic interpretation of a rainbow and plays on the adage that at the end of a rainbow there is a pot of gold. The pot of golden eggs signifies that there are rewards to be gained from planning for retirement.


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