Simon Overview 2017


WHAT IS SHOPPING, REALLY? In its simplest form, it’s the evolution of the ancient marketplace. A contemporary interpretation of vibrant Middle Eastern bazaars, colorful North African souks, picturesque Asian markets, and busy European trading squares where atmosphere and socialization were as important as commerce itself. More than real estate. More than retail. More than fashion, the shopping experience is paramount—a fusion of shared discovery, high design, sophisticated environment, dining, entertainment, and social interaction. To this end, Simon’s strategic vision incorporates destination experience as the next great influencer of stability, cash flow, and customer loyalty. The world’s largest publicly traded real estate investment trust (REIT), we are strong in both assets and real estate. Our multibillion-dollar investment in reinventing venues in key markets is based in deep expertise, solid global marketing leadership, and total commitment to the success of every property. The result? Significant increases in sales and traffic underscore the success of our master plans and the stability of our assets, providing ever-growing impetus to lease in our centers. The other part of this narrative is revealed on a more experiential level, as we see that shoppers are enchanted and captivated by our efforts. These pages reveal how Simon is reinventing the shopping experience. For now. For the future. For everyone . Today, at Simon, ® it’s that and more.

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