DVMS Digital Voice Message System Kit

DVMS DIGITAL VOICE MESSAGE SYSTEM Ramsey Electronics Model No. DVMS Announcing an event is now easier than ever! Just say it once and hear it over and over. Easy transmitter hookup for broadcasting.  Up to 8 minutes total message time available  2, 3, and 8 message versions available (DVMS2, DVMS3, DVMS8)  Special 8 message version, (DVMS-BCD), for use with Ramsey Electronics DCI2, DTMF controller  All play functions and indications are available on the front panel and via a remote control connector  Manual or automatic option to play selected messages  Line level or microphone level audio inputs  Speaker and line level outputs  100 year message & configuration retention  Great for kiosk message applications, museum diorama displays, alarm emergency messages, music/message on hold applications and more Ramsey Customer Use Only Not For


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