Great News Winter 2017

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TAUNTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS 215 Harris Street Taunton, MA 02780 Winter 2017

Last year, the Taunton School CommiƩee approved the launch of a Middle School InnovaƟon pilot program at John F. Parker Middle School. This fall, the district began implemenƟng many of the educaƟonal prioriƟes targeted in the pilot, including:  Technology: Chromebook carts have been placed in each classroom at Parker. Staff parƟcipated in training over the summer in the use of Google Classroom and report that the majority of classes are now using it on a regular basis.  Trimesters: Parker has moved to a trimester scheduling and grading system which beƩer coincides with curriculum delivery, benchmark tesƟng, and extracurricular programs.  AŌer‐School AcƟviƟes: Parker offered 12 different aŌer‐ school clubs, sports, or enrichment programs during the first trimester alone. AcƟviƟes such as roboƟcs, forensic science, and culinary arts have been popular with students.  Social/EmoƟonal Supports: Homeroom at Parker has been reimagined to beƩer address student well‐being, with breakfast in the classroom and the exploraƟon of biweekly themes such as school culture, moƟvaƟon, and ciƟzenship. Other planned innovaƟons as the pilot moves forward include conƟnuing to strengthen the Honors program to increase both student parƟcipaƟon and academic rigor, and expanding Career VocaƟonal and Technical EducaƟon (CVTE) opportuniƟes. The best pracƟces being modeled in this pilot are leading the way for future improvements at all Taunton middle schools. Middle School Innovation Initiative Launched at Parker

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