PETA Global 2018 Issue 2


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Right now , a mother coyote is chewing off her own foot to escape from a steel trap .

Simply choosing a vegan cupcake is not enough to help them – not by a long shot. It’s not enough to take our dog for a long walk and figure that we’ve done our part for animals today. Our brothers and sisters of other species are being abused and exploited every second of every day. Let’s put ourselves in their place: We would ache for someone to do everything possible to help us! If we care about animals, we must continually spread the message that all beings deserve to be left in peace and treated with respect. We must actively work toward the day when all species are treated as the unique individuals they are – not as food or fabric, as research tools or toys, or as props or protection. Circumstances will only change for animals if we create that change. So let’s not waste our voices, our power, our consumer clout, or our lives. Until every cage is empty, every chain is broken, and every animal is treated with dignity, we must never be complacent and never be silent.

Right now , a newly hatched chick’s beak is being burned off with a hot blade.

Right now , a tiger feels the sting of a trainer’s whip.

Right now , a rabbit trembles in a laboratory cage, dreading what lies ahead.

Let’s do something to help them – right now!


We can’t work for animal liberation every minute of the day, but we can do a lot if we incorporate activism into our daily lives. While we are going about our activities – looking at our phones, spending time with friends, watching sports, or playing video games – animals are being mutilated, trapped, burned, poisoned, shot, and killed for products that no one needs, used in archaic experiments, and tormented in vile forms of “entertainment.”

Khaleel was scrounging for food, inches away from speeding cars, when a PETA staffer scooped him out of a gutter in Old Delhi, India. If you see an animal in need, never hesitate to stop and help. If not you, then who?

Make the animal liberation movement a part of your life – living, feeling beings are counting on you.

See inside for dozens of ways to make a lasting impact for animals. J

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