Head's Newsletter 7 October 2016

Dear Parents It has been good to see so many of you at the Open Forums we have been holding for individual year groups during the course of this half term. Year 11 and Year 7 are still to come but I hope that parents have appreciated the opportunity to meet with their son’s form tutor and head of year, and found the information useful. It has also been at those Open Forums that I have been introducing our new building fundraising campaign (this will be done later for Y7 and Y11). It is tremendously exciting to know that we will be constructing a new two storey building from January to replace our dilapidated canteen. It will be transformative for the school site and the educational environment for Tiffin pupils. Although the core funding is in place, just as in the previous developments such as the LRC and Sports Hall, we are looking to raise further funds from the Tiffin community to fit and finish the building as we would like, and as our pupils deserve. Many thanks to all parents who have so far donated. If you were unable to attend the Open Forum there are easy ways to donate, in particular through ParentPay. Simply log in to ParentPay , click on ‘pay for other items’, then ‘New Building Appeal’ and put in the amount you wish to donate. Alternatively you can donate by bank transfer or cheque; please see the form to do so. Please also remember to tick the Gift Aid consent if you are eligible to do so as we are able to then claim back from the Government 25p in every £1 donated! As well as the Open Forums there have been

a number of other significant events taking place in the last few weeks. We have had our first stage 11+ this week: thanks go to all the Year 12 and 13 prefects who helped out. We also hosted an evening about admission to American universities. On the Music front the choir continue to sing at extraordinary occasions and venues, recently appearing at the Royal Festival Hall, as well as singing at the Kingston Crown Court Service. For Year 7 parents there is a wonderful occasion coming up when all Year 7 sing in the inter-form singing competition, for which we use the fantastic venue of all Saints Church in central Kingston. It's a great occasion and always good to see so many parents supporting their sons. On the Sports front we have been running regular rugby fixtures, including some early fixtures for Year 7, the vast majority of whom have never played rugby before they come to Tiffin. They have enthusiastically given a very good account of themselves in the first few games. Cross country also continues to be involved in a number of fixtures and you can read about these in the newsletter. We have a number of very exciting trips away at the moment. The Year 8 trip to Pompeii left today, the Year 13 German students are in Berlin, and Year 12 Geographers are on the field trip to Devon and Dorset next week. Year 10 geography students conducted fieldwork last week, and year 10 Art students had a very successful trip to Kew. We look forward to hearing reports of the trips upon their return. Yours, M D Gascoigne, Headteacher

IMPORTANT DATES Y11 into L6 evening

Monday 17 October

Y7 Inter-form Choir Competition 7 pm All Saints Church

Thursday 20 October


Monday 24—Friday 28 October

Y13 Parents’ Consultations; school finishes 2.40 pm

Monday 7 November

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