Customer Loyalty Newsletter - October 2017

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Issue 13

Customer Loyalty oCtoBEr 2017

Goal = 82% Current Score = 79.94%

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Customer communication can take many forms in our day-to-day business and can either break down or build trust with customers. It is important to remember that communicating with a customer throughout a transaction is Communication is not key it is THE KEY by braden Wagner, Wagner rents branch manager Denver

Cover Story Communication is not key it is tHe Key

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what builds trust not only with you as an employee, but also with the organization as a whole. some of the best practices that we strive for at the Wagner rents Denver store that have helped to lead to our high NPs score have to deal with communication with the customer. an example of this is our shop Coordinator contacting a customer throughout the repair process on a weekly basis. even

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if it is to let the customer know, we are still waiting on that back ordered part. We have received a great deal of Daniels Group surveys that may have scored very poorly because of the length of the repair but always score high because of the communication that was

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