February 2021 Chronicles


Janis Site 29

Janis was brought up in Wingham and lived their for quite a while but she has also lived in many other placed through her life, Some being Bathurst, Wagga, Newcastle and Sydney. She chose to move to Crystal Waters to enjoy the community atmosphere and lifestyle. Janis has had many years of ill health as well as caring for her husband who has passed away and so she is now looking forward to a time in her life where she can enjoy a well deserved, quiet and peaceful existence

Things that make her happy: Nature, wild birds & comedy shows What makes her unhappy: Injustice & racial discrimination. She really likes Golden Retrievers

Janis worked for the federal government for many years and has done a great deal of study in her life and has a masters degree. She has worked as a Clinical Chaplain and done street ministry.

In her free time she loves to do embroidery and also enjoys Kayaking (luckily we have beautiful lakes and rivers in our region) reading, playing the keyboard and family boardgames.

Janis has chosen the right town to live in because she enjoys holidays in resort style areas so that she can go snorkelling. When on holidays Janis also likes to laze around with 24 hour room service & a la carte restaurant close by.

February 2021 | Volume 14 Issue 2

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