Food With Thought Guide 2016


Welcome to the second annual Food With Thought publication, your comprehensive guide to Surrey’s thriving culinary scene.

Food With Thought is a program that was launched in 2014 by Tourism Surrey as a way to strengthen Surrey’s food community by introducing both locals and visitors to its prospering food scene. We’ve got a lot going on in Surrey when it comes to food… rolling farmland, family-run businesses, enviable ethnic cuisine and growing urban centres that are attracting small businesses with big ideas. We may be big, but our culinary community is intricately connected! Within this guide is all the information you need to start discovering Surrey’s food scene, whether you’re a visiting family, an athlete in need of refuelling, passing through for business or simply a hungry local! Included in the pages are food itineraries, lists of our favourite places, and stories about the folks that make up our food community.

What’s our goal? To inspire you to discover Surrey’s culinary scene, and in turn to create stories of your own! Well, what are you waiting for?

Your food story starts here...


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