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Wooden Push Walkers

10 Months


Brake can be adapted according to individual needs.

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4 300734 N Walk Along Tool Cart

The Walk Along Tool Cart will encourage your little carpenter take their first steps. This handy cart also contains nifty toolbox storage for your tiny tools. Peek around the outside and a small plush carpenter is going along for the ride. Push the wooden balls through the front slots or hammer them to make more noise. A plastic screw and bolt hold the extra large washer on the side. Encourage your little buil- der to get moving! Approx. size: 17“L x 13“ W x 19.5“H. Brake on the wheel can be adapted by an adult to suit the child‘s needs. Packaging: 4c label

Age 1 +

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4 300735 N Walk-Along Dolly

Let your toddler roam around with their favorite doll in style! Our decorative wooden dolly will take imagi- nations wherever they want to go. Sturdy construc- tion, rubber coated wheels make moving easy on any floors. Includes bed set including mattress, pillow and blanket. Handle is adjustable to two positions. Approx 20“L x 11.5“ W x 22“ H. Packaging: 4c label

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