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Dear Specialty Retailers:

HABA is proud to introduce to you over 40 new wooden toys in all newly designed HABA retail boxes that feature primary titles in English! The boxes call out the prime features and benefits, are more efficient space wise and feature great new photogra- phy. You will notice that some items look familiar to other items in our line already, but they are different. These items have new names, new items numbers and these new wooden toys are not made in Germany. Our HABA ASIA office has scouted out one of the best, safest factories producing the highest quality children‘s toys available. We are putting our HABA name on it so we expect and will deliver the HABA quality you are accustomed to and expect. You told us you loved our designs, but couldn’t support the “Made in Germany” price points, so we listened. We are offering these new products only to brick & mortar spe- cialty stores. You support us + We support you = Mutual Success!

Lea Culliton HABA USA President Lea@HABAusa.com

Committed to Specialty,

HABA USA, President

*German made like items still available!

Wooden Push Walkers

Age 1 +

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4 300733 N Walk & Roll Auto Stroller

Walk or roll around the house with the Walk & Roll Auto Stroller. The adjustable handle bar allows this classic to grow with your child. Removable, washab- le padded seat cushion and plenty of storage for books and toys make this a great ride for any trea- sured friends. Rubber surrounds on the wooden wheels offer easy, safe moving on virtually any floor. Measures approx: 22“ L x 14.5“ W x 17“H. Packaging: 4c label

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