HABA USA 2017 Catalog

N a t u r a l l y


Children are world explorers! We accompany them on their journeys with innovative games and toys that challenge and foster new skills, while also providing enjoyment for the whole family.

Family Owned

For more than 75 years we have been satisfying the

wishes of demanding parents and grandparents for long lasting toys made of carefully selected materials, with a special design that provides excellent entertainment.

Our wooden baby clutching toys, pacifier chains and many of our games are still manufactured in

Bad Rodach, Germany with utmost care and attention to detail and safety.


The HABA colors on our wooden toys are water based, ecologically friendly, solvent free lacquers. Multiple layers render the surface extremely resistant to wear & tear.

Promoting sustainable forest management www.pefc.org For HABA ® responsibility is

written in capital letters. We use wood that comes from sustaina- ble forests in Germany.

Our high quality toys are tested internally and externally by a CPSC authorized 3rd party laboratory ensuring the safest, most durable quality possible. ASTM

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