PEI Liquor Marketing Guide 2019-2020

PEI Liquor Marketing - NEW

1) Launch Package New to the scene? Let us help with our new Launch Package! PEI Liquor’s Launch package is ideal for new products entering our Market. The Launch Package will include:

• Web banner linking to the Product Page - 2 weeks • Frequent Social Media posts throughout the 2 weeks • Cooler at Cash spot - 2 weeks • Mail chimp message to subscribers • Customized shelf talker • E-flyer advertisement • Fee: $500.00 Contact the Marketing Manager for more information.

2) Shelf Extender Program (Wine)

A new display space located in the Canada wine section providing additional exposure for wines from any country that may be of interest to consumers shopping the Canada section; one of the highest-traffic areas in PEI Liquor stores. One display available per period. Limit one SKU per display. Eligible products: Wine 750 mL all countries.

Selection of products is based on the following factors:

• Profitability / sales potential • Relevance to consumers shopping wines planogrammed in the Canada section • Inventory levels

Locations: TBD

• P1: $300 • P2: $350 • P3: $400 • P4: $400 • P5: $325 • P6: $325 • P7: $475 • P8: $250 • P9: $275

PEI Liquor is open to discussing any marketing ideas and opportunities not outlined in this document and invites interested suppliers to make contact to discuss other marketing options.

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