FlippingBook Publisher 2 User Guide


How to replace existing pages? How to change the order of your pages? How to show two pages simultaneously on mobile devices?

PUBLISHING AND SHARING How to upload to FlippingBook Cloud? How to upload to your own server?

How to embed a publication in your own website? How to share your publication on social media? How to protect your publications with passwords? How to send a publication by email? How to create publications for offline use? WORKING WITH FLIPPINGBOOK CLOUD How to change the link of your publication? How to change your domain on FlippingBook Cloud? How to remove a publication? How to create a collection of similar publications? How to manage your collections? TROUBLESHOOTING What to do when you see 'License server operation failed'? What to do when you see 'Authorization failed'? How to install FlippingBook Publisher on another computer? What to do when you see 'Premium subscription required'? What does 'Subscription to FlippingBook Services expired' mean? What to do when a publication is stuck on the preloader screen?

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