2015.14 Vitamin B (July 2018)

2015.14 (JULY 2018) BVit-02 Total B_AOAC_2015.14_MLT_Final


Study Information

Study Title: Collaborative Study of AOAC First Action 2015.14 for the Simultaneous Determination of Total Vitamins B 1 , B 2 , B 3 , and B 6 in Infant Formula and Related Nutritionals by Enzymatic Digestion and LC-MS/MS.

Study Objective: The objective of this study is to complete validation of AOAC First Action 2015.14 for the quantification of total vitamins B 1 , B 2 , B 3 , and B 6 in infant formula and related nutritionals by determining method reproducibility and repeatability. Study Directors Louis Salvati

Abbott Nutrition 3300 Stelzer Road Columbus, OH 43219 P: 614 624-3971 louis.salvati@abbott.com Sean McClure Abbott Nutrition 3300 Stelzer Road Columbus, OH 43219 P: 614 624-5298 sean.mcclure@abbott.com

Study Monitors: AOAC International (SPIFAN) Official Method Board or delegated personnel. MLT Overview Participating laboratories were asked to set up the method (Appendix A), analyze two practice samples in duplicate, and report the results to the study directors. After successful analysis of the practice samples, study participants were asked to analyze 15 fortified and unfortified SPIFAN matrices in duplicate. The samples were split into two groups of 15 per the data reporting templates, and each group was analyzed on a separate day. Participants were asked to reconstitute all powder samples by diluting either 10 or 25 grams of powder to 100 or 225 grams respectively with water. Electronic excel templates for reporting sample weights and results were provided. After completion of the study, the data were analyzed using the AOAC International Interlaboratory Study Workbook for Blind (unpaired) Replicates, Version 2.1 to calculate repeatability standard deviation, s(r), reproducibility standard deviation, s(R), repeatability relative standard deviation, RSD(r), reproducibility relative standard deviation, RSD(R), and HORRAT value and to detect outliers.

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