Euro Car Parts PR Evaluation Review October 2016

Highlights – Outcomes

Generated 53 items of positive press coverage, reaching more than 51.7 million people.

Provided more than 1. 6 billion opportunities to see (OTS) the latest Euro Car Parts news, views, product launches and corporate announcements.

Drafted comments on construction apprenticeships for Builder & Engineer Magazine, as well as developing thought leadership feature surrounding articles for WET News and Plant & Civil Engineer. Drafted, finalised and issued five press releases, including Euro Academy, warranty, Auto Trade Expo, IMI Award sponsorship an the TV advert rel ase.

Secured and drafted national feature for the Daily Star.

Issued the Andrew Page acquisition announcement press release , generating 39 items of positive coverage.

Secured promotional bag opportunity for the Classic Motor Show.

Handled media enquiries from Aftermarket, CAT, Disabled Motoring, the ABP and Professional Motor Factor.

Conducted telephone interview and drafted Lucas DIESEL press release.

Drafted Martin Gray’s speech for the IMI OAA Awards.

Euro Car Parts PR Evaluation Review October 2016

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