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GETTING ORGANISED Organising banking in the UK is a straightforward process. There are several choices: + Apply for an offshore international bank account before you arrive. + Apply for a fast-track UK bank account using one of the contacts supplied below. + Make an appointment with any local bank of your choice to set up an account once you have a signed lease. It is helpful to have a UK or offshore international bank account for payment of rent, utility bills, broadband, etc. when you arrive. This will help to avoid extra bank charges for using your overseas card or credit card. N.B. It is not possible to obtain a landline for broadband WiFi unless you have a UK bank account . APPLYING FOR A FAST TRACK BANK ACCOUNT There are several banks that you can choose to open an account with including Lloyds, HSBC, NatWest, and Barclays. The process for each bank is outlined below and please note that all of the banks will require an employer’s reference letter and often a proof of address document, which can be your temporary accommodation address. Please ask your Dwellworks representative for an employer reference letter template should you need one. Lloyds Bank To apply for an account, please contact the Business Manager, Sunita Jalaf Please also copy in so that one of the team can get back to you if Sunita is not available immediately. Sunita or a member of her team will help you to decide whether to open a UK bank account or an International Bank account based on your personal situation and requirements. International Banking: + Multi-currency banking (GBP, USD, EUR) available for applicants with an annual income of £50,000+ + Remote telephone-based application process + Clients can apply for this account from their home country prior to their relocation (dependent on where the applicant is located). + Ideal for clients relocating to or from the UK + Multi-currency banking offers flexibility to regular travellers/internationally mobile people + Free international transfers + Monthly fee- Either £7.50, €8.00 or $10.00 UK BANKING: + Free local branch banking in the UK (added value accounts are available for a fee) + Only available for UK residents- the account will be opened in branch + Access to the full branch network & range of products/services To check the range of Lloyds’ current accounts and to check your eligibility please click here . To check the documents required for Proof of Identity, please click here .

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