HABA Games

Children But they learn when they

don’t play to learn.


Playing means not being alone.

Children play together with other children and adults. Especially when playing with their parents, children enjoy not only the game itself, but also the know- ledge: “I am important. Someone has time for me.”

Persistence and concentration are asked equally of all players, so that everyone has the same great fun.

Playing means learning to be patient.

Playing means starting something without knowing exactly what will happen and how it will turn out. Within the defined time frame of a game, children can try new things.

Playing means having courage.

The winner is proud as punch. The loser is sad, disappointed, and someti- mes even a little angry. But each child learns; already in the next game there is another chance.

HABA ® games always include instructions written in English, regardless if the outer game box is in English, French or primarily German.

Playing means feeling.

Written by: Anja Wrede

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