Trafika Europe 11 - Swiss Delights

Editors’ Welcome

photograph become emblematic under the gaze of Matteo Terzaghi, our one Italian Swiss writer. Even the coincidence of two photographs on the front page of a newspaper can become numinous in Terzaghi’s hands as he teases out similarities and conjunctions between an obituary of the famous Formula One racecar driver Clay Regazzoni and an article on the fiftieth anniversary of Robert Walser’s death. Terzaghi’s collection of short prose pieces, The Department of Projections , is a nuanced reflection on sight, insight, perception, and the vagaries of the visual. Terzaghi’s short texts illuminate the complex interplay between the image and the imagination and offer snapshots of infinity. In his Uncertain Manifesto , Frédéric Pajak also plays on the tension between word and image. He interweaves short texts, biographical studies, ink drawings, personal reflection and an immense fund of reading to explore his own life and the experiences of his generation against a backdrop of totem intellectual and artistic figures. Walter Benjamin, Ezra Pound, Vincent VanGogh, Nietzsche, César Pavese, André Breton, are among the guiding


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