Trafika Europe 11 - Swiss Delights

Editors’ Welcome

Yenish in Switzerland. Under their auspices, she was separated from her parents, confined to a series of orphanages, reformatories, mental institutions, and prisons, and subjected to involuntary electro- shock and psycho-pharmaceutical treatments. Her German, tattered and raw, reflects the fissures carved into her sense of self by these experiences. An extended cry of outrage and pain, stoneage is Mehr’s attempt to write her shattered psyche back to a whole. stoneage has since become a seminal work of Traveller literature. The landscape of contemporary Swiss literature has long been dominated by the monoliths of Herman Hesse, Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Max Frisch, and Robert Walser. Under the shadow of these peaks, however, a lush, vibrant and varied literary terrain is flourishing. We hope this volume of Trafika Europe – as well as several other components to our Swiss focus which we’re releasing in parallel – will serve as an engaging travel guide. Tess Lewis


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