Trafika Europe 11 - Swiss Delights


That support it. That stand guard and never sleep. Never let down their guard. And swallow. And remain silent. As is proper. I walk and I bend down. A cigarette butt. I walk and I bend down. A candy wrapper. I walk and I bend down. A dirty tissue. I walk and I bend down. Two dead leaves. A small pile forms in the hollow of my hand. The cigarette butt smolders. If I hold it too long it will light up again and burn me. It will consume the candy wrapper and the dirty tissue and the two dead leaves and all this will burst into flame in the hollow of my closed hand and my hand will blister and it will be very painful. I’ll have to open my hand, but if I open it, everything will fall, it will all fall on the sidewalk and my sidewalk is clean. Has to stay clean. Become clean again. It ’s getting hot, I can feel it. Wretched butt. Wretched mouth that sucked on it, left red traces, I saw them. I have to open my hand, but there’s no drain for 100 meters. No silent, swallowing drain. Always happens at the wrong time. I have to open my hand, have to open it before I get burned, I open it and hup. Hup, right over the wall. Hup, I saw the flame, at least one. Ah! Phew! Hup, over the wall and into the president ’s garden. Ha ha, let her pick it up! Let her suffocate at the sight of this fistful of garbage at the foot of the wall, of her wall, in her garden and not outside the wall on the


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