Trafika Europe 11 - Swiss Delights

Noëlle Revaz

thirds of the cover. Its head was drawn schematically, but that wasn’t disturbing as it clearly alluded to the Aztec or Inca serpent. Along its back ran a crest of uneven rectangular merlons, like the hands of children. Certain reviews were already referring to the Serpent of Wisdom, others to the Tree of Life. The author ’s name was in tangible relief next to the publisher ’s. Nevertheless, buyers did not confuse the two names, being very familiar with the publishing industry’s ways they instinctively knew to distinguish the two. Rotated a quarter of a circle, the book presented its spine. The spine offered a transition between the front and back covers. It was embossed as well, but in a more modest fashion that left no doubt about which surface was to be admired. On it, four stylized motifs followed one after the other from top to bottom. From the spine, you continued on to the back cover. It was gold-colored, illumined with white, green, purple and vermillion. It was emblazoned with the words ‘captivating’, ‘stunning’, ‘book’, ‘sublime’, ‘gorgeous’, which one immediately sensed would get readers salivating. The names of several famous television show hosts were engraved on the back cover. These words were placed near the top. The two-thirds of the cover below them was empty. This surface was covered with a shiny golden material that was nevertheless not blinding. Finally, the book’s fore edge was compact and tight.


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