Trafika Europe 11 - Swiss Delights

The Infinite Book

The book surely had numerous pages. The bookmark, too, was gilded. It was forked and stuck out some four centimeters past the text block. The color of the bookmark changed with each edition. The novelist behind this beautiful book was the writer Jenna Fortuni. In large part, critics had already discovered this novelist. She had sold well in the past and an even greater success was expected with this book.

. . .


Due to these expectations of success, a certain number of television shows were devoted to Jenna Fortuni’s third book. The shows’ hosts brandished the book or displayed it on the low tables on stage and Jenna was intent on answering every single question, even the most trivial, and yet it was the covers of her first and second books that were projected on the backdrop, magnified 5 times, in autumnal tones. They, too, were successful. The cover of Jenna’s first book was severe, padded with velvet satin and adorned with fine little pearls. The


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