Trafika Europe 11 - Swiss Delights

Noëlle Revaz

cover of the second, all in orange tones, resembled the third. And so the reviewers were not surprised when the third book was announced and then sprouted like mushrooms in the display windows. The novelist Jenna Fortuni was a regular in the studios. When she was tired, she simply withdrew and disappeared into her apartment, where, according to the gazettes, she relaxed in the company of her husband. The following day, or even just a few hours later, she could again be glimpsed in the magazines. Deep down in her heart, Jenna wished the hosts of the shows would ask her different questions. She was fine with showing up and presenting her face, onto which an image of the book was projected once in a while as a kind of blush. Still, she sometimes had an urge to shake up the show. To simply start speaking, for example, and perhaps say things that were not connected to the book. The hosts were patient. They weren’t upset when Jenna couldn’t find an answer. They asked their question a second time. Since they didn’t watch any other shows, they were televisual virgins and unconstrained. What Jenna liked about the hosts of these shows was their capacity to swallow anything and everything. Their brows were always knitted in an expression of profound concern. What Jenna liked less about them was that they were never satisfied. They always wanted


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