Trafika Europe 11 - Swiss Delights

The Infinite Book

more. They were ready to bleed you dry. You never got anywhere when you started answering their questions. In conversations with her husband, Jenna invoked a time when she would find a definitive answer. She had no idea what would happen the day she finally came up with one. Surely a deafening silence would fall. The host might well fall off his chair or something like that. The director would be stunned. In any event, Jenna would say to her husband, that answer hasn’t yet been given. If it had, would there still be any of those shows? Jenna’s husband would nod. He agreed with her. He was a successful writer himself. He had published books. At this point, he no longer needed to publish. He had the world eating out of his hand and could walk onto any television show he wanted at a moment ’s notice. The mention of his name never failed to produce an effect. Jenna’s husband’s name was Éden Fels. Jenna’s and her husband’s apartment was decorated entirely in cream. On the wall of the interior staircase, which didn’t have a banister, small golden frames rose with the steps. The kitchen walls were painted plaster. The wicker chairs in the sunroom were decorated with little cushions, one of which was turquoise. The windows were shaded with solid blinds that filtered a beautiful Japanese light into the apartment. The bathroom was a vast harbor of light. The bed in the


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