Trafika Europe 11 - Swiss Delights

Noëlle Revaz

master bedroom, like the one in the guest room, didn’t seem to have ever been slept in. The bedspread was perfectly smooth. The mere sight of it was enough to sap anyone’s strength given the work required to make or undo the bed every morning and every night or to restore the delicate arrangement of pillows, flowers, and fabrics that adorned it. The floor in the pictures was not clearly visible. The article concluded with a comparison of untreated terracotta tiles, which were more practical and easier to clean with the Alpaca rugs that were everywhere in fashion. Jenna and her husband did not show the second floor of their apartment to the reporters. Of course, they mentioned it during the visits, but only as an area that was off-limits. The point was always made that the adjacent offices of the two writers were on that floor, and it was further made clear that the owners of the premises wanted to safeguard a small part of what they called their intimacy. Most of the television show hosts and spectators respected this decision. This reserve wasn’t considered excessively serious since they believed that at some point or other, a camera would finally manage to stick its nose in there.

. . .


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