Trafika Europe 11 - Swiss Delights

The Infinite Book

the publication of her first book, the novelist had grown used to seeing her name automatically associated with that of another talented young woman novelist. Their names were conjoined, in a manner of speaking. There were many reasons for this: first, the other talented young writer ’s name was Joanna Fortaggi. The two women’s last names were so similar, the comparison seemed legitimate. Second, the formats and color schemes of the novels they published were substantially the same. The third and final reason was that they were both women and brunettes who were intent on publishing attractive and practical books and appeared on almost exactly the same shows. These additional similarities made for a lovely whole. Jenna Fortuni occasionally asked herself if it was still necessary for each of them to publish books. She thought the solution would be to join forces with Joanna Fortaggi. There would be less confusion that way. The shows’ hosts would be less worried about coping when two talented young women novelists published the same book and appeared on the same show. The only problem, as far as Jenna was concerned, was that, due to a lack of affinity, Joanna Fortaggi and she had never managed to have a conversation or exchange contact information. . . .


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