Trafika Europe 11 - Swiss Delights

Noëlle Revaz


What was the danger of having book that could not be compared to another? The question worried Jenna. She believed she had elements of an answer: books were objects that seemed to come from nowhere. In an instant, they popped up all over like mushrooms. It was not easy to understand where on earth they’d come from once they’d appeared fully formed. In addition it wasn’t easy to accept them as they were, without any possibility of altering them. The public and the hosts had to admit: a book had a certain format and a certain thickness with a certain illustration on the cover. The book was flaunted in the company of a certain writer and whether or not the book’s silhouette matched the face was not something all the heads in the world could affect. Jenna’s husband agreed with her analysis. Still, he warned her about her conclusion: to be sure, all the TVs in the world couldn’t do anything but there would come a day when the TVs of the world could have a great effect. It was already noticeable that some books were presented less than others because they could not be connected with any object already included in the repertoire. And Jenna’s husband, a pessimist, predicted the future: the time was coming, and it wasn’t far off,


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