Trafika Europe 11 - Swiss Delights

Noëlle Revaz

which was decidedly longer than the average literary presentation. Suddenly Larsen Frol began painting on stage. Silence settled over the room. The spectators, eyes brimming, declared as they left that they had never before seen such a talented and touching writer.

. . .


The face on the cover of Joanna Fortaggi’s seventh book, which was Jenna Fortuni’s fourth book, was not smiling. Nor was it serious. It looked straight ahead, eyes focused on the infinite or the horizon, depending on how the various radio and television hosts managed to describe it. Its skin glowed. It wasn’t cosmetics. The texture and imperfections of the skin, or skins, were visible. The face presented an extraordinary depth and richness because of its two halves. And yet, you couldn’t call it a complicated face. The traits were simple. It merely encompassed more characteristics than was common. In places where an ordinary face would have conveyed one expression, this composite face held two. There where a face would have conveyed


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