Trafika Europe 11 - Swiss Delights

Trinité bantoue

asking Nkambé for the proper response, she turned abruptly to face me. —My sons have true Black blood in their veins. —Black blood? Where did you hear that Black blood protects you from malaria or typhoid fever? —Fratellino, she laughed, still fingering her rosary, mosquitos know how to bite. So let it go. Today I’m convinced Kosambela was teasing me. I believe she got them all the vaccines they needed. I also believe she took all the necessary measures to prevent them from being bitten by a nasty female Anopheles, eager to taste a new brand of blood, mixed blood, the blended kind. To your health! In any case, the boys came back safe and sound. And circumcised, of course! May Nzambé be praised!, my mother said over the phone. My mother in Bantuland, it seems, was outraged on seeing pictures of me. Kosambela showed them to her. My mother thought I looked emaciated. —Oh Nzambé!, she cried. What is going on? He looks like a desert mosquito. Is he starving in that country or what? —You know, my sister replied, life with Whites is tough. —I’m sure it ’s the lady from the dole who’s bleeding


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