Trafika Europe 11 - Swiss Delights

Trafika Europe 11

genres from experimental fiction through poetry, drama, creative nonfiction, to innovative and idiosyncratic forms of autobiographical writing. Michael Fehr’s Simeliberg is a crime novel of sorts written in spare, startling prose equally inflected by the rhythms of dialect as musical improvisation. Set in a remote mountain valley, the telegraphic prose follows the implication of a local council leader in bizarre backwoods villainy. Not only an accomplished writer of poetry and prose in German, Leta Semadeni is also one of the most prominent contemporary representatives of Romansch lyric and storytelling. A continuous bilingualism marks her poetry , which she writes in the Vallader dialect of Romansch and in German. Both her poetry and her prose are firmly grounded in the dramatic landscape of her native canton, Engadin, and we offer you a selection of each. In her novel Tamangur , Semadeni captures the world of a child and a grandmother, both nameless, in a small village in Switzerland, located in a valley full of shadows. Tragedy, unspeakable, incomprehensible, lurks beneath the idyllic surface. The poet, novelist, and critic Ilma Rakusa also


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