Trafika Europe 11 - Swiss Delights

Trinité bantoue

to rewrite the story of the so-called founding treaty. Ruedi says that the President of the Confederation gave a speech to a crowd dressed in red and white. He says that all of a sudden, people dressed in black with their heads shaved as smooth as mine appeared. He even uses the word Kongôlibôn to describe their coiffure, which makes me laugh. He says that they set up a real ruckus and disturbed the mythic meadow’s peaceful serenity. That the police quickly intervened to calm the situation. After all, it had been expected. He says that order was soon restored. That later they’d had an excellent brunch. That… —Did you ask your parents for money? , I inter rupt him dr i l y. —I ’ l l do i t . —Ruedi ! —I promi se. —Br ing some stuf f to eat , too. Ruedi l aughs . I ’m ask ing him to br ing food so he won’ t starve to death f rom refus ing to eat the food f rom my count ry. Me, I can manage wi th everything that Monga Míngá sent me. But for how long…



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