Trafika Europe 11 - Swiss Delights

Leta SemaDeni

One is constantly stumbling over it or going around it, and woe to anyone who bumps it with the tip of a shoe or goes so far as to tread on it by mistake and wake it. It will then follow wherever one goes, as faithful as Chan the dog, who always knows everything about you before you know it yourself. Such an animal sometimes lies under the bed with the tip of its tail sticking out, so that Grandmother steps on it each time she climbs into the bed and then she dreams again. Maybe of the Queen Mary. She no longer remembers the wind that blew across the ocean on that journey, yet her white body still knows and reveals it at night when she lies asleep next to the child who sits in bed, wide awake, watching her grandmother’s heavy body toss and turn. Like a wave. Back then she had thewide ocean before her, Grandfather at her side, and a thousand wishes just waiting to be fulfilled. 9 Startled awake by loud singing, wearing her nightgown and with her grandfather’s socks on her feet, the child stands in the bedroom doorway.


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