Trafika Europe 11 - Swiss Delights

Tamangur + 11 Poems

Will I have big breasts, too, just like Grandmother? They will be exactly the right size to fit the hands of the man you like, Grandfather said and they both looked up into the branches of the lilac and daydreamed. It was impossible to say whether the lilac smelled like Grandfather or Grandfather like lilac. The lilac was in full bloom and the wind carried its fragrance all the way to the house. In springtime, lots of dandelions grow under the tree, it’s a joyful meadow, the earth is soft and hospitable. On some days, the child stands leaning against the trunk, wondering how long it would take to dig a hole in which she could fit from head to toe. … 15 Light from the streetlamp flickers through the fitful curtains and falls onto Grandmother’s face. Her face looks like she has slipped out from behind it. The sound of a cow lowing comes from outside. As does the sound of the neighbor’s cows shifting in their stall. The way they tilt their heads sideways and, with wide- open eyes, lose themselves in dreams of grass and their


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