Trafika Europe 11 - Swiss Delights

Leta SemaDeni

hand, is full of surprises. She’s a good girl, you just have to listen to her. Elsa can take the most disparate things and tie them up into a neat package. That said, I’m all for bio-diversity, I just don’t have the equanimity it takes to enjoy the company of boring people. At my age, I haven’t got the time either. As a surprise, Elsa has brought Elvis. Naturally he’s wearing his stupid jumpsuit, she says, the white one with glittery sequins because it’s Christmas, and at Christmas everything glitters and shines. Even the mountains outside are giving the sequins on Elvis’ chest a run for the money, thrusting their jagged tips up towards the moon and the stars. The empty space next to Elsa smells faintly of Chanel No. 5 and the potato cellar—like Elsa, that is. No one knows exactly how long Elsa and Elvis have been a couple. At some point, early one morning after a sleepless night on her way to buy groceries, Elsa passed the Alpenrose restaurant and knew she had to go in, whatever the cost, right then, on the spot. Even if it was just before eight and she had to worry that the man covered in black would be there having his morning pint at that time.


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