Trafika Europe 11 - Swiss Delights

Tamangur + 11 Poems


Early in the morning, a few clouds have already gathered in the sky. One particularly large cloud looks as if a bear were lying on its back up there, stretching its paws up, as if to beg for something. It’s not the great bear of the constellation, it’s a younger, more cheerful bear with white-gray fur. It pedals its legs in slow-motion and gradually disappears into the foam of other clouds. Later the rain sets in, a strong wind rises and flails at the walls. On such days, the house smothers Grandmother and the child with its coziness. Luckily Elsa stops by at midday, as she often does on Sundays. She has many stories to tell, ends up at sixes and sevens, and brightens the day. A man with a bag was walking in front of me. In the bag he had a book, a loaf of bread and two flowers. The man stopped on the bridge and stood looking down at the river. These are the kind of stories Elsa tells.

Her favorite story is the one about Trayveet that took


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