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STORAGE The ideal bag to stow away all the things, which should have been �died up long ago Una bolsa ideal para guardar y mantener ordenados todos sus objetos. Sac polyvalent, fourre tout idéal, pour tout se qui devrait être ranger. La borsa mul�uso ideale per tu�o ciò che alla fine deve essere ordinato.


0,45 kg 40 x 30 x 20 cm 24 L 50 % Polyester, 50 % PVC



# 1230-1500

ESH REFILL PACK Refill pack for the ESH replacement set in order to be quickly prepared again! Kit de recarga para el ESH, diseñado para estar listo al instante. Pack de recharge pour le kit de remplacement ESH, pour être toujours prêt! Set di ricarica per il kit ESH, in modo che tu�o sia di nuovo pronto rapidamente!

REFILL PACK for ESH-SET consis�ng of:


▪ 2 x Change-Sets, each consis�ng of 1 x disposable overall with hood, CE cat. III, size XXL 1 x pair of overshoes (suitable up to UK size: 14) 3 x disposable towel (each: 40 x 38 cm)

1 x LPDE plas�c bag (cap.: 240 L) for contaminated protec�ve clothing 1 x LPDE plas�c bag (cap.: 240 L) for contaminated equipment (SCBA etc.) 2 x cable �es for sealing of plas�c bags 1 x storage bag for personal items ▪ 1 x Helper-Set consis�ng of 1 x dust respirator FFP2 CE cat. III

- 35 x 25 x 4 cm



1 x pair of chemical protec�on gloves CE cat. III, size 10 6 x adhesive labels for clearly marking of plas�c bags

- -


# 1241-0000

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