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kg Borsa mul�funzionale compa�a con vano portaogge� separato e funzione zaino 1,1 kg 42 x 41 x 30 cm 50 L 600D Polyester kg EQUIBAG Compact mul�func�onal bag with separated boot compartment and basic backpack carrying system Bolsa/mochila mul�función compacta con compar�mento para botas separado Sac mul�fonc�on compact avec sépara�on pour les bo�es

# 4702-9015

REFLEXSTREIFEN Reflec�ve stripes with and without imprint for use with TROLLEYBAG, RAGBAG PRO and EQUIBAG Correas reflectantes con y sin impresión para u�lizarlas con TROLLEYBAG, RAGBAG PRO y EQUIBAG Bandes de réfléchissantes avec /sans impression pour placer sur TROLLEYBAG, RAGBAG PAR,EQUIBAG Strisce rifle�en� con e senza stampa ada�a per il fissaggio a TROLLEYBAG, RAGBAG PRO e EQUIBAG

# 4710-9000

# 4710-9003

0,02 kg 38 x 5 cm



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# 4710-9005

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