ECG1 Electrocardiogram Heart Monitor Kit


Ramsey Electronics Model No. ECG1

An educational kit to apply the principles of differential amplifiers while monitoring your heart rhythm! Actually monitors your heart rhythm and displays it with a flashing light! A must for the budding intern, with ultra safe low voltage operation. Easy Oscilloscope hookup to give a true EKG display! Have some fun with this truly unique kit ! Ramsey Customer Use Only Not For  Visible and audible display of your heart rhythm !  Learn about what makes your heart beat , and how we monitor the heart rhythm!  Examine and use differential amplifiers and learn about how they are used !  Re-usable sensors included, just like visiting the lab in your health care facility !  Adjustable gain and volume controls.  Super safe 9VDC operation, high impedance input .  Check your resting heartbeat, monitor your heart health.  Includes our matching case and knob set for a professional appearance Publication

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