Marketing At Emerson, A Handbook For The Marketing Professional

CONTENTS 03 Introduction & Goals 04 Marketing Pillars Pillar 1: Strategic Marketing Pillar 2: Portfolio Management Pillar 3: Communications Pillar 4: Digital 09 Marketing Cycle

the “Marketing at Emerson Roadmap.” Its purpose is to help marketing professionals plan and build a career that is the basis for personal growth—as well as corporate growth. It offers guidance to help you expand your professional skills and advance your career, within the marketing organization or in other parts of the company. We will begin with an overview of Marketing’s purpose and goals, with the specific objective of enabling you to build your marketing career. Next, we’ll look at the four basic marketing career pillars, followed by deeper detail on the ten core marketing functions and skills, which are necessary for your career progress. With this foundation in place, the topics will shift towards ways that marketing professionals can think about their career within the “Marketing at Emerson Roadmap,” and more broadly within Emerson’s Talent Development Process.


10 Ten Core Functional Marketing & Skills

01: Integrated Sales & Marketing Program Management 02: Sales Enablement 03: Portfolio & Product Development 04: Market Research 05: Events & In-Person Engagement 06: Communication Strategy 07: Brand Management 08: Digital Execution 09: Digital Commerce & Tools 10: PR, Social, & Corporate Communications

Emerson recognizes the strategic importance of Marketing. We understand that Marketing plays a pivotal role in driving the company’s long-term growth, which depends upon distinctly defining our value to customers, effectively communicating that value to them, and then delivering that value in a customer experience that is consistent with their expectations. As Emerson grows and Marketing scales its activities, it is essential to clearly outline the organization’s structure, functions and responsibilities. Additionally, it is just as important for Marketing to focus on further developing the organization and its talent. Emerson’s strong global brand is built upon the foundation of a world-class marketing organization that operates nimbly and pulls in a unified direction, working seamlessly across business units, platforms, and world areas. Recognizing the importance of these strategic goals, marketing leadership across the company created the “Marketing at Emerson Roadmap,” a comprehensive summary of Emerson’s marketing functions, including an overview of the opportunities for career growth that marketing offers. This handbook, “Marketing at Emerson,” supplements

14 Core Marketing Functions & Skills 15 Marketing Delivery Model 16 Organizational Alignment 17 Marketing Roles & Responsibilities 20 Managing a Marketing Career

Developing Deep Talent Developing Broad Talent Further Reading

22 Career Flow 23 Marketing Leadership Competencies

Subject Matter Experts Managers & Supervisors Marketing Executives 24 Marketing at Emerson Roadmap & Quick Start Guide 26 In Summary 27 Appendix



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