Treasure Island By Carol Ann Doucette

One of the true “treasures” of Little Sebago’s island community is Treasure Island. Located off the shoreline of Northern Oaks Road, on the middle lake, this enchanting oasis is a step back in time. If you ever wanted secluded solitude, this is the place. With two sections of the island joined by a small sandy connection, it is a true retreat from today’s world. The island has a myriad of blueberry bushes, several buildings including the main cottage, a bunkhouse, a utility building and a newly renovated boat house with retractable deck (engineered by the 1980’s owner who made other ingenious island improvements such as full electric, indoor plumbing and septic.) It even has a buildable lot on the mainland with storage shed! The new owners, Peter and Emily Gascoyne, have lovingly restored and repaired all buildings, which had fallen into disrepair over the years. I had the pleasure of being the caretaker/ Realtor for a few years before their purchase, and looked forward to escaping to its shores to check on things, tend flowers, and show it to those who were truly interested. The Gascoynes made an offer on the island sight unseen and I can still see them sitting on the swing on their first visit, looking out over the sparkling water pinching themselves to confirm it was all real. It was love at first sight and the deal was done with another potential buyer literally circling the island in his boat waiting for their answer. The Gascoynes have truly become part of the lake community, especially regarding loon habitat preservation and hosting the “Ladies of Little Sebago” Group who meet monthly year round and reach out to other fellow islanders. Emily has these words to describe their experiences owning the island.

“From the first glimpse in the August 2014 real estate guide to spending all summer every summer since, Treasure defines what we appreciate most in life: relaxing and making family memories while surrounded by the tranquility of nature and water. We marvel at how much warmer we stay on the water than the mainland (yet the breezes keep the bugs away) and how the fog can surround us where we can’t see anything around us. There’s a magic about Treasure, a nostalgic throwback in time that reminds us what really matters. I don’t know what we enjoy more, when it’s just the two of us, or opening to family raucous and watching the grandkids discover simple camp pleasures. And the loons! Every year we’ve been there the loons have returned to nest on the point. We’re passionate protectors too (forgive if we’re a bit overzealous), shooing kayakers and fishermen away from that area until the chicks are safely hatched. The 360’ views blow us away too; from sunrise over Martin Island to sunset over Frogg, with boat watching by day and loons serenading by night … all winter we miss it terribly until we can soak up summer again. We’ve got a great view of Horse Island’s eagles soaring and 4th of July is positively amazing. We laugh we’re going to get whiplash from the constant neck turning to catch it all. Our only complaint is … summer is never long enough!” Little Sebago is such an enchanting lake and all those who live there, vacation there, past and present, never forget it’s beautiful serpentine shores, loons and intimacy. “ If you are lucky enough to live on a lake, you are lucky enough”


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