2018 Little Sebago Lake Annual Meeting Summary American Legion Hall Gray Pam Wilkinson

meetings at the American Legion Gray location. The amenities of air conditioning and ramp for accessibility was a plus. Nomination committee provided a slate of recommendations for terms that expire. Each year five members are elected for a three year term. The slate was unanimously approved. Other topics that were presented were scholarships, endowment program, plant give away, membership, watershed programs, update on the lower narrows condition and milfoil program, Hopkins dam committee, merchandise, pirate parade, loon updates, water quality, and Tim Greer informed the membership of the transfer of title from the Town of Windham for land to be used for milfoil operations and storage of the fleet. Please review the draft annual meeting minutes to be ratified at the next annual meeting in 2019 on our website for more information on these topics. www.littlesebagolake.com. At the end we winners of Raffle were drawn: AdirondackChairs (madebyAllanAlterman&Steve Sohn)– MaryAnne Lefebvre, Kayak – Rob Roy, Paddleboard – Janet Nowinski. Congratulations! If you are reading this electronically, please enjoy the video < link > provided by Carol Ann Doucette. Mark your calendars for July 13, 2019 for fellowship and updates on how your lake tics.

Our annual meeting was held July 14 th at the American Legion in Gray. It was beautiful day filled with breakfast treats for social hour, opportunity to vieweducational materials and visit themerchandise table to buy for yourself or gifts for friends. Two presentations provided updates on our lake’s warden and safety patrol services. The fifteen to twenty minute time allotted to Lt. Adam Gromley was quickly overrun because of his captive listeners. He was educational and entertaining with his wit and common sense approach to safety. Question was asked “Who has the right of way-sea plane or boat?” He said the boat but added, “Do you want to be right or dead right.?” Little Sebago is one of the busiest lakes in Maine and we should think through situations, know the laws for safety, what is right and legal. The second presentation was made by Roger LeBlanc who helps to manage the Safety Patrol program. He mentioned that our lake is known as an urban playground. Public relations and safety program will be promoted. We thank Roger and his team who have helped to reduce reckless behavior by having a safety presence on the lake. There was positive support to continue the annual

On behalf of the LSLA Board of Directors,

Pam Wilkinson, President


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