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Marketing Policies & Procedures

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EMAIL MARKETING POLICY Date: April 22, 2019 Category: Communications, Email Marketing

PURPOSE/OBJECTIVE To ensure that all resorts receive promotion via eblasts for upcoming events and specials.

Each month, you should plan to send each of the following email blasts:

• UVC eblast {Focused on the PV or Cabo resorts} o Distribution list – UVC, Loreto and VPA Club • Loreto Eblast {Most likely an Alaska and a WestJet one} o

Owners who receive this eblast are UVC, Loreto and VPA Club {For Alaska} and UVC, Loreto and VPA Club Canada Members {For WestJet} Cancun Eblast o Sent to UVC, Cancun and VPA Club Members- Tafer Designer designs this. You request the information, copy, and design from Tafer. • Garza Blanca Eblast o Sent to Cancun and Garza Blanca members {for the most part, sometimes Garza members only} - Tafer Designer designs this. You request the information, copy, and design from Tafer. There will also be sporadic emails that you will need to develop with the help of Cynthia Lasher and Hector Almeida. In total, there will be an average of 8 email blasts sent to different member segments per month. It is your responsibility to stay on top of the process with these, if you have questions or falling behind, Cynthia Lasher can help; however, you want to make sure you are taking charge of the process for these emails. •


1. Draft the copy of text for the upcoming email at least 2 weeks before you plan to send it. The more time you can start in advance, the better. Use sources such as the Facebook accounts of the resorts, emails, newsletters etc. for inspiration for the content. a. Once the copy is drafted, send to Cynthia Lasher for her feedback. 2. Send the copy and any ideas for the look and feel to Hector Almeida. It’s best to send him the copy for upcoming eblasts on a Thursday, so he can work on it over the weekend. a. Keep in mind, our agreement with him allows him 5 working days to draft a first proof.

Marketing Policies & Procedures

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3. Hector will send you a PDF of the email blast. Send the PDF to Cynthia, Nicholas and Dennis to provide their feedback. They will have 48 hours to provide this feedback. 4. Once you have compiled all the comments and notes, send Hector an email with the changes. Also ask him to begin working on the HTML file so it can be sent to members through the RightNow CRM system. 5. When you have the HTML file, upload it into RightNow by creating a New email.

6. Fill out the Audience & Message Tab completely. a. Use your Cheatsheet for the From and Reply to email address depending on the audience you are sending the email out to. 7. Send the proof to the correct distribution list and allow 48 hours for feedback. 8. Send PDF of eblast to Call Center so they can distribute to the floor at least 48 hours prior to sending to members and train the agents on it. 9. At the end of the 48 hours, schedule the email to go out to the correct member databases. Don’t forget to attach the internal distribution lists to the “Audience” tab so they also receive a copy of the final mailing.

Marketing Policies & Procedures

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EMAIL MARKETING LIST POLICY Date: April 10, 2019 Category: Communications, Email Marketing

PURPOSE/OBJECTIVE The purpose of this policy is to define who will receive what eblasts.

Each month, the Club sends each of the following email blasts:

• UVC eblast {Focused on the PV or Cabo resorts} • Loreto Eblast {Alaska, WestJet, Loreto Offer} • Cancun Eblast • Garza Blanca Eblast • Seasonal Promo {such as BOGO, Double Time, Points Offer, Etc.}

PROCEDURES 10. Once the eblast creative and option forms have been approved, you will need to identify the audience for each send by using the below guidelines. All audiences need to be clearly defined on all eblast proofs sent to distribution.

Each month, the Club sends each of the following email blasts:

• UVC eblast {Focused on the PV or Cabo resorts} o Distribution list – UVC, Loreto and VPA Club • Loreto Eblast {Alaska, WestJet, Loreto Offer} o

Owners who receive this eblast are UVC, Loreto and VPA Club {For Alaska} and UVC, Loreto and VPA Club Canada Members {For WestJet}

Cancun Eblast o

Sent to UVC, Cancun and VPA Club Members

Garza Blanca Eblast o

Sent to Cancun and Garza Blanca members {for the most part, sometimes Garza members only if it is a promo just for them}.

• Seasonal Promo {such as BOGO, Double Time, Points Offer, Etc.} o Send to membership lists as stated above. o These promos will always exclude members who have reservations made during the promo period. They also exclude exit and trial members. o Depending on the promo, this may be sent to only Points or Fixed members as well.

In total, there will be an average of 8 email blasts sent to different member segments per month. Audience type depends on the promo but the above is a general guideline.

Marketing Policies & Procedures

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MEMBER ONSITE REPORT Date: April 22, 2019 Status: Pending Category: Business Administration & Legal, Management Reporting

PURPOSE/OBJECTIVE To pull a list of members on property during a specific time so we can exclude these members for new promotions during their time of travel. This will prevent cancellations and re-bookings for new offers.


11. Log into Vader.

12. Under the “Web” section select Reserv_Arrival_DDW then click go.

13. You will arrive at the following screen.

14. Map the following fields:

a. Reserv Status Desc >> Active & Reconfirm then hit SELECT.

b. Reserv Type >> Move All >> Select.

Marketing Policies & Procedures

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c. Resort Desc>> This will be the resort in which you wish to pull the data from. Make sure you scroll to the Villa del Palmar properties on the list. d. Contract Resort Desc >> Pull all contract resorts that you need for report. If you only need to see the Cancun members for example, only select Villa del Palmar Cancun, if you need a list of all members, Select each of our resorts from the list and move them over and select them. e. Start Date & End Date >> this is where you will select the date ranges for arrivals. i. Make sure you pull members arriving at least 2 weeks in advance of the actual date that you need, in case members are staying long term we want to make sure to catch them all.

15. Then select GO.

16. Under “Actions” on the top left of screen, you want to select “Export” and then export to an Excel Workbook.


1. Once you open the excel workbook, you need to keep the following columns (the rest can be deleted). • Contract Resort • Resort Number • Reservation Date • Number of Nights • Email 1 & 2 • First name & Last Name

Marketing Policies & Procedures

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2. Clean out the reservation dates and # of nights to clean the list down to only people who will be at the resort during the time frame you need, even if they are just checking out on the date that our range starts, you want to make sure they are included.

Marketing Policies & Procedures

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Monthly Digital Newsletter Procedure Date: January 22, 2019 Category: Member Marketing & Communications

PURPOSE/OBJECTIVE To gather information, write monthly updates, and share these updates with all UVC, VPA Club, and Loreto members via monthly newsletter.

PROCEDURES 17. Write a list of topics the month prior to the newsletter (Ex: if the newsletter is for January, write the list of topics by the 1 st of December with recent updates and upcoming events in mind). a. There needs to be one update per destination: Vallarta, Cabo, Islands of Loreto, and Cancun. b. There can be anywhere from five to nine articles total. If there is an odd number of articles, one article can be mentioned in the article text in the center of the article, which is showcased here and circled in red since the thumbnail images are for six or eight articles only.

18. If there will be an even number of articles, then you can keep the center text generic with something like “We hope you are enjoying the Summer Season! Read along for activities occurring at the resorts this Quarter to help you plan your next extraordinary vacation experience!” a. All articles will be showcased with a thumbnail image except the center text circled above in bullet point 2.

Marketing Policies & Procedures

Page 8

19. Get approval by the Member Experience Director on all newsletter topics prior to requesting information from the resorts. 20. Once you have the Member Experience Director’s approval on topics, send a request for information to the resorts with the subject line of “January Newsletter Info Request-Due 1/15” in the subject line (just edit the month and due date to be the current month). Each General Manager, their assistant, Mary & Santiago (UVC Rep’s onsite), Client Services Manager, and Director of Member Experience should be copied on this request. The resort has until the 15 th to submit their information. For example, if you are requesting information for the January Newsletter, send the request out by January 1 st and give the resort teams until January 15 th to send the information. a. Here is a sample of what the information request will look like:

Marketing Policies & Procedures

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21. Once you send out the request, set a follow-up reminder for yourself to remind everyone on the 7 th and again on the morning of the 15 th to ensure that you get all information in time. You only need to send a reminder to those who have not submitted their information so if there are people on the original email request that submitted their information you can delete them off the reminder email. 22. Here is a sample reminder email to be sent on the 7th. Include the original email below this reminder so people can see what is requested.

23. Here is a sample reminder to be sent on the morning of the 15 th to those who have not submitted their information. Keep the original email and the last reminder emails sent below this one.

24. On the 16 th make a list of the information you have and have not received for the newsletter. Inform the Director of Member Experience about any information that has not been received yet so he can contact them to submit ASAP. 25. Write newsletter copy for all articles. 26. Email a word document of all completed copy to Director of Member Experience and Client Services Manager to review and provide feedback on. They have 48 business hours to give you their feedback. 27. Once you receive their feedback, make any necessary changes. 28. Email the final, approved copy to Ana Galvan and ask her to translate the copy into Spanish. We put a Spanish link up top on all eblasts. 29. Upload the blog article text in the blog with corresponding photos. Each article will need a title, 1+ categories selected, tags, featured image, and a 1-2 sentence description. The featured photo and description show on website before people click on the article so make this information compelling so people want to open the link and read. Aim to put a photo between every 2 paragraphs.

Marketing Policies & Procedures

Page 10

a. On the UVCI Blog site, you will go into the Dashboard for the blog.

o From the Dashboard, click on the “Posts” thumbnail located by the tack symbol on the left side of the Dashboard.

o Once you click on “Dashboard, “you will see an overview of all posts ever, and you can scroll through these to see them all, use the search bar in the upper right corner to search for a specific key word or post title, or create a new post. You can see the author, categories, post tags, date published, and number of comments left by blog (the comment numbers are noted in the comment bubble).

Here is what this overview looks like:

Marketing Policies & Procedures

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b. The “New” button in the top left corner will be used every time you want to create a new blog post.

30. Once on a “New” blog post, enter the title, text, images, categories, featured image, description, and tags.

Marketing Policies & Procedures

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You can add images or documents to link to by clicking on the ”Add Media Button and then either “Upload Files” to add a new file or “Media Library” to add something that has already been added to the Gallery.

Marketing Policies & Procedures

Page 13

a. Adding a new photo or document:

b. Adding Media into a blog post that is already in the Gallery: Note: You can search by keyword or title in the “Search Bar” in the top right.

To insert the image into your post, click on “Insert into Post” button in the bottom right corner after you have clicked on the image you want and a blue check mark displays in the top right corner of the image. Note the “caption” box, “alignment” and “size” of the images to ensure that all images are aligned and sized the same. The caption box will show that text on your post so if you do not want a photo description you can leave this box blank.

Marketing Policies & Procedures

Page 14

c. If you have links that you want to link to in your article have the URL ready or if it is a photo/document link go into the Gallery. Once in the Gallery find the photo or document you want to link to and click on it. Once the item is selected, locate the URL and copy this. Here is a snapshot of what you would look for.

d. Exit out of the Gallery by clicking the “x” in the top right and corner, which will take you back to the editing view of the blog article. e. Click on the text in your article you want to be the linking text. Then, click on the link icon. f. Paste the URL you just copied into the link box, showcased below.

Marketing Policies & Procedures

Page 15

g. Then, select how you want your link to open up and display by clicking on the “link options” button on the right hand side of the URL you just entered. You can select nothing, which will open a new tab or you can select “open link in new tab” which is how all links on our site should open, to keep the article open and the link open at the same time. Once this is selected, click “Add Link” and the link will be added to your blog post.

31. Once your post is final click on “Publish” in the right corner of the post so that way the link is live. If you save it as a “draft” no one can see it but you. You can login anytime and edit the post and save these updates by clicking the blue “update” button on the right. If you want to view the edits you made before updating to the public, click on “preview changes.” If you like your changes, then you can click on “update” to save for the public to see.

Marketing Policies & Procedures

Page 16

32. Email all blog links, article titles, and photos you want to use for the html file for the newsletter to our designer. Be sure to include any center text message as well. Allow 72 hours for him to design the first draft of the newsletter, which will be an html file.

Here is a sample of what you will send to the designer with the photos attached.

33. Once you receive the html file, share with VP of International Operations, Member Experience Director, and Client Services Manager for feedback (48 hours). 34. Make any necessary changes. 35. Once approved share with Bob Kistner for approval (48 hours). 36. Once you have all approvals, upload the mailing into Right Now to prepare to send. 37. When you login to Oracle go to the “Mailings Explorer section and then “UVCI Mailings” and then “UVCI Newsletters” folder.

Marketing Policies & Procedures

Page 17

38. Once in the “UVCI Newsletter Folder” right click on the last newsletter and then click on “copy.”

39. A window will open up for where you want to place this copy. Click on UVCI International” then “UVCI Newsletters.” Title the newsletter the month and the year of the newsletter being sent. For example, if you are sending the January 2018 Newsletter title it “January 2018 UVCI Newsletter” and then click “OK.”

Marketing Policies & Procedures

Page 18

40. Once you click “OK” a copy of the last newsletter has been saved for you to edit. Open up this newsletter so you can edit and upload the current info. 41. Click on the “Message” tab. Type in your new subject line first. Example: "Your January UVCI Newsletter is Here.” All you will have to change on here each month is the month.

42. Then, click on “Upload HTML” on the right side to upload this month’s newsletter (the new html file). Once you click on this you can upload the new html file by clicking “open.”

Marketing Policies & Procedures

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43. Once you have uploaded the document go through it to see if any text edits are needed. Generally symbols are accents will need to be edited to ensure the file renders correctly. 44. Send yourself a test version by going to the “Proofing” tab, clicking on “send proof message” button, enter your own email address, and click on “send.” In the comment box write a description of who this will be sent to and when (allow 48 business hours from when you send the proof). Click on “send proof” to send yourself the message.

45. Once you receive the proof, read and review it to make sure there are no errors, that the text renders correctly and that all links work. If any edits need to be made, go back to the eblast file and edit accordingly, send yourself a proof, and review until all is final. 46. Once everything is good to go, schedule a proof to the “UVC Distribution list” which will be scheduled in that same “Proofing” window. Under “Recipients” click on the three dots and then select the most recent “UVC Distribution List” and Click “OK.” Once the list is selected, click “Send Proof Message.”

Marketing Policies & Procedures

Page 20

47. To prepare to send, go to the “Audience” tab and insert the most recent UVC, Loreto and VPA Club lists along with the UVC Distribution List by clicking “Add Contact List.” These are all of the people that will receive the final mailing once it is sent.

48. To schedule the mailing to be sent, go into the “Delivery” tab. Once here you will click on “Schedule” and select the date and time this will be sent at. Once you click “ok” after entering the date and time, the mailing is scheduled to be sent. If you ever need to cancel or reschedule a meeting you can come to this Delivery” menu” and click “Cancel Mailing” and it will be cancelled. You can then click on “Schedule” to type in your new send date and time if you are rescheduling or you can leave it as cancelled and it will not be sent out.

49. Click on “Save and Close” up top and this task is complete.

Marketing Policies & Procedures

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Marketing Policies & Procedures

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PRINT NEWSLETTER PROCEDURES Date: April 22, 2019 Category: Communications, Newsletter

PURPOSE/OBJECTIVE To provide resort, destination, and Club updates to members every month so they can utilize their membership.


1. Send Reminder E-mails to people responsible for contributing articles at 30 days, 15 days, 5 days and the day before they are due to anyone who has not yet sent in their article. If they are not complying, inform the Director of Member Experience. Please copy the Director of Member Experience and the Client Services Manager on all emails requesting information so they are aware of the status of each request at all times. 2. Review Each Article Once all of the information has been received, the Communications Specialist is to review (and ask questions if you need more information) as well as write the articles. Make sure that content fit’s in the page with great photos. Arrange articles in order so that they will fit on each page, and have a good flow of information. You can request photos from the resort as well, if needed. Once all articles are completed, the Manager of Client Services and the Director of Member Experience will review and provide feedback/edits. If edits are needed, please edit and send back to the Client Services Manager and Director of Member Services for further review and allow 48 business hours for their feedback.

3. After all of the Articles and pictures have been approved, the newsletter is ready to be uploaded to the Printer FTP site for the final stages of design.

4. You will need to spend 8-10 hours with designer to get the right look and feel. It helps to provide the designer any sample images showcasing the look and feel that we want for this. These can be our images from the resort or stock images/design elements. INSTRUCTIONS FOR UPLOADING NEWSLETTER TO PRINTER 5. Ask Printer for secure login to FTP site so you can send all newsletter copy and member mailing addresses this way. We never send member contact information in an email. It must be on a secure site.

Marketing Policies & Procedures

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6. Approval For Print - The Printer will contact you with an Adobe file to see if there are any corrections necessary. E-mail them or call them back with the corrections, if any. They will come to the office with a Final Proof to sign before it goes to Print. Once it is approved, the newsletter will be printed and mailed out to all of the members on the mailing list.

7. Once Final Proof is Approved – Sign off the hard copy and send it back to the printer. Now, the printer will print and mail to the contacts you provided.

8. Mailing list –Each edition of the newsletter needs a new mailing list that you pull from Vader. Run an “active owner’s address list” you will have to data sort the list several times to clear out bad addresses and UVC owned accounts. Once the list is combined for all UVC resorts, upload the address list to the ftp site. Hudson printing will run the list through another zip code checker and duplicate address program. 9. Distribution to the resorts: Order 600 overs for PV, 600 overs for Cabo, and 50 overs for our office. The resorts use the newsletters in the new sales packages. We have extras on hand to give a few to the call center and if members request us to send them one (this may happen if they move and forget to update their address with us, etc). 10. Upload to Website and send E-Blast- once Final Newsletter has gone to print, take new finalized Adobe PDF file of newsletter and upload to website in the archive section so members can view if desired.


UVCI newsletters are distributed twice a year: in the Spring/Summer and the Fall/Winter. Distribution dates should be managed in accordance with annual meeting election. For the dates stated below, please confirm with the Manager of Client Services to ensure that these dates are approved.


Info Requested

All Articles to Printer

Hard Copy Proof

PDF’s Ready

Mail Drop Date

1/23 (Give 2/1 deadline)





8/1 (Give 8/8 deadline)





Marketing Policies & Procedures

Page 24

The Following is a List of Articles. Article order may vary depending on design, importance, and rotation of articles:

Page 1: Collage of all resort photos highlighting experiences Page 2: Table of Contents Page 3: Loreto Page 4: PV/Flamingos Page 5: Cabo Page 6: Cancun Page 7: Travel Page (Brittany’s Travels or Member Experience) Page 8: Club Update Page 9: Member Experiences Page 10: Events Calendar Page 11: Eagle’s Wings Foundation Page 12: Back, Phone Numbers

Marketing Policies & Procedures

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