AK-84, -85, -86, -87 Instruction Manual

li!llh~'x..ti1B~ (!ilfi& o fql:t9 ~ :1) Auto lifter(Window-plate-mounting type) AK84·85·86·87 • INSTRUCTION MANUAL

:$:1!XID\lllB.Illlllll,\"LO)\lllB.Illlli'C~o ;j;:~,fc'!!:m!liit (~Y/ • El!lii.Jm!) I;:I!X I) 1-:tl:t"L lie ill l,\<:O)ilJ@:ll!ili'iJ "<:. l!i:~~l!!!i:0)-1'57. 1-t>-i'ill'§HI!ll> <:

Read safety instructions carefully and understand them before using. Retain this Instruction Manual for future reference.

CAUTION: This Instruction Manual is intended for the AK84 • 85 · 86 · 87. Read and fully understand the instructions given under "IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS" in the Instruction Manual lor the Machine(Sewing machine/Automatic machine) before putting the machine into service when this device is installed to the Machine(Sewing machine/Automatic machine). In addition, to emphasize the AK84·85·86·87, some illustrations of the Machine(Sewing machine/Automatic machine) are simplified. Also, illustrations of the safety devices are partially omitted.

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