Pain Relief Administration Manual 18JUL18


 Should be used with caution in patients who may have an altered level of consciousness, intoxicated or drug affected  Patients with liver disease, diabetics (due to increased likelihood of impaired renal function) and elderly (due to possible reduction in blood pressure or heart rate)

Preparation: 3ml sealed amber bottles. Contents of methoxyflurane are poured onto base of inhaler and absorbed by the internal wick.


 Adult: Maximum dose - 6mls per day (Do not put any more than 3 mls in inhaler at any time as this increases risk of droplet inhalation). 15mls per week.

 NOTE: 3mls will remain active in the inhaler for about 30 minutes.

 Paediatric Dose: As for Adult – Single dose only. Not to be given to children under 1 year of age.

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