Construction Update Issue 7 - September 4, 2019

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tee for their consideration. Information about member workshop sign up will be sent to you in the upcoming weeks. ( If more than 150 members wish to participate in the workshops, we will attempt to accommodate everyone!) • Updated Information on the Project will be forthcoming beginning October/ November: Members will begin receiving the first of our monthly updates including specifics for all areas of the project. These updates will also be posted on both the FC Website and our new FC Construction Mobile App . • Formal Renderings: Will be available in January 2020 for viewing by the Community. It is estimated that the construction on the interior and exterior of the Clubhouse will begin May 2020. • Communications: In addition to the Website, Construction Mobile App and monthly newsletters, once construction begins, you will also be able to observe the progress via live stream cameras and view regular updates on a dedicated FCTV Channel 998. Construction: 1. Construction perimeter layout areas. 2. Ingress and egress used for construction vehicles. 3. Construction hours. 4. Safety and security rules for contractors, subcontractors and employees 5. Appropriate construction wayfinding and safety signage. Phasing: 1. Order in which Clubhouse construc- tion will take place. • Interior/Exterior Construction: Items Being Addressed Prior to Construction: • • What to look for in 2020:

2. Access to and exit from the Clubhouse facilities especially dining areas. 3. Restroom access. 4. Appropriate temporary signage. 5. Safety in and around the Clubhouse and construction areas. 6. Transportation and parking issues for members. 7. Valet parking.

Club Services Available During


Up to initiation of construction, all Club services will be fully operational.

Once construction begins, Mr. Goswami, our Executive Director, has assured us that all services will continue to be available, subject to usage and location changes. Advanced notification will be provided on all location changes related to Club services.

It is our mission to make information

concerning the Clubhouse Project

transparent and consistently

available to all members.

Thank you for your Support!


Jeff Stanfield, Chair

Clubhouse Construction

Ad Hoc Committee

Clubhouse Construction Ad Hoc Committee Jeffrey Stanfield, Chair

Jeffrey Glazer Brett Handler Harvey Schulweis Alex Sobel

Marty Slepkow, Ex Officio Jesse Sukhu, Owners’ Rep/ Construction Manager

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