Dear Colleagues:

Does this sound familiar? The pace of change is unprecedented. Responding rapidly to customer and stakeholder demands and economic and marketplace conditions is key to success—and in some cases, survival. Employees inside organizations are feeling the heat to deliver on higher expectations from their leaders and often in the same or shorter timeframes. Everyone struggles to move on commitments made. Stress, burnout, and disengagement are commonplace topics of conversation.

The problem is that the paradigm of training supervisors and managers to be better delegators, although important, needs to shift to encouraging individual accountability at all levels. You can initiate this shift in your organization with a new solution from HRDQ: The Accountability Experience, an assessment-driven developmental workshop that’s suitable for employees at all levels of the organization. Individuals who see themselves as accountable will seek out clarity through making and negotiating clear agreements with others. Accountable individuals feel more in control of outcomes and as a result are less stressed and more productive. Key work relationships improve. The gap between expectations and what’s delivered starts to shrink. I invite you to give The Accountability Experience a try. We have also made the assessment available through our online portal making it easier to engage remote or virtual employees. Discover for yourself the powerful personal and organizational benefits of individual accountability and the strategies to make it happen.

Bradford R. Glaser President & CEO

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Featured Product Bridging the Communication Divide

Bridging the Communication Divide Complete Game Kit is a hands-on experiential game that explores the impact personality style has on everyday interactions and then offers a simple communication style model individuals can use to make immediate improvements to their communication skills. It has all of the tools you need to plan for and deliver a learning experience that achieves immediate results, from a comprehensive facilitator guide and takeaway participant workbooks to reusable game parts, support materials, a professional Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, and more. See page 5.

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