AOAC OMB Teleconference Materials


AOAC on Validation Harmonization • Must be both  AOAC  Organizational Affiliate and  RI  Contributing Membership (PTM‐OMA studies) • Programs harmonize with PTM – Official Methods of Analysis SM • Must use  AOAC Consulting Service and  AOAC  Technical Consultant assigned through entire  process – Antibiotic drug residues in milk  • US Food & Drug Administration  C f V i M di i • All applications and remittance for each program  submitted enter or eter nary e c ne  and the National Conference on  Interstate Milk Shipments – Health Canada – Bureau of Chemical  Safety (Food Allergens)   S a  m  on Statistics serve as resources – MicroVal • Methods and manuscripts must be submitted in  each program’s format

• AOAC Committee on Safety and AOAC Committee – AFNOR   – NordVal expert a oratory or an ISO 16140 stu y • PTM independent laboratory is the same as the  l b f d

• Method developer responsible for PTM only  requirements

• Each program maintains its own policies and  procedures for reviews and approvals


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