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Volume 12 Number 02

HOWTOADDPERSONAL TOUCHESTODECORTRENDS Decor trends are fun, but they’ll never feel right in your home if they don’t feel like you. Thankfully, there are several ways to take a trend and transform it into something unique and personal. The first is adding photos of your friends, family and the things and places you love. If you want a straightforward gallery wall then go for it, but you can also diverge from the usual

trend of piecing together a collection of various sized frames in a single colour and instead go all one-size, mix multiple coloured frames together or create a less traditional pattern in the shape of a circle, swoop or pyramid. If you love the constantly evolving, but here-to- stay farmhouse decor trend, make

it your own by mixing it with other decor styles such as industrial, boho or contemporary. And even though the trend to paint everything white or grey is still going strong, contrast these

neutral shades with pops of your favourite colours and patterns.

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