CobbFendley Newsletter - Issue 4 - 2017

March 2017| Issue 004


This month we are delving into the “ collaboration ” portion of our Mission statement. It is interesting to think of how essential the act of collaboration is in the successful delivery of our services. Technical people often feel the desire to gather the needed information and go off into a corner and work out the details of a great project solution. Design or problem solving requires focus and concentration. But doing this without adequate

have a hard time describing their ideas without something in front of them to see. This is one of the reasons for preliminary designs – to show the client what the project will look like so you can discuss it with them. Doing this early and often can establish a better relationship with the client and give him the feeling that you really understand what he or she wants. Secondly, we have a lot of smart people around here . So, as good as you are, you can always make your work better if you talk about your projects with those around you and listen to their ideas. You will learn some things that way, and your clients will think you are even smarter. Going it on your own can lead to embarrassment if you happen to miss a key point. And third, going it alone can lead you to spend too much of your project effort (and budget) before the client inevitably gets a look at the work and gives his input. Then you have to go back to incorporate the client’s views. Getting those up front not only has the client thinking more highly of you, it actually is smart business to keep them close to the action all along. So, Collaborate!

and frequent input can lead to several equally undesirable outcomes: First, we have to please the client. Most of the time they will have definite ideas about how they want the project to turn out. It may just be the desired appearance. Often it has a lot to do with what the project will cost. They may have other projects in mind and ours has to be compatible with those. Many people

CobbFendley’s Mission is to collaborate with employees and clients to provide engineering solutions that further our commitment to growth in the community . We Collaborate . We Commit . We Build Communities .



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March 2017

Issue 004


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